Goou Seishinngann – Japan

Goou Seishinngann

The Goou Seishinngann from Japan is a traditional Japanese Oriental Medicine formula, featuring unique herbal ingredients with excellent efficacy in promoting blood circulation and regulating blood pressure.

The Goou Seishinngann from Japan is manufactured by the Japan Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd. in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


Symptoms related to high blood pressure
Stiff neckStiff neck
Feeling of heaviness in the headFeeling of heaviness in the head
Regulates blood pressure and helps the heart function better.
Prevents plaque buildup on blood vessel walls, a cause of blockage and hardening.
Helps improve cerebral blood circulation, preventing stroke recurrence.
The Japanese Goou Seishinngann is also used for emergency treatment and stroke support.
The Japanese Goou Seishinngann is used for post-stroke recovery.
Restores health and improves paralysis conditions.


  • Twice a day, half a pill each time.
  • Not for use by persons under 15 years of age.


One pill of the Japanese Goou Seishinngann is made from 25 types of rare natural herbs such as: cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, ginseng, deer antler, licorice, bovine calculus, yellow soybean, etc.
Additionally, it contains 11 main ingredients: cinnabar, coptis, realgar, scutellaria, belvedere fruit, gardenia, buffalo horn, rhinoceros horn, orpiment, musk, pearl.
And from various natural excipients: honey, gold leaf.

Selling Price

Goou Seishinngann

Per pill: JPY4950 (tax included)

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